So after many, many months of doing nothing I begun prototyping my next game. After You Bad Monkey I decided that my upcoming games wouldn't be so complex, at least for a solo dev. There were many issues with that title that I won't bring up just now because the big news is... I finally started production on my next title. It's still unnamed, but since early feedback for the prototype was good enough and seeing that I could develop a simple game out of it in time for Halloween I made the decision to actually do that. So I'm working really hard because there's still much ground to cover but if all goes well, then it should be ready in time. And if not, then I'll release it when it's done anyway!


Also, to celebrate, I ditched my previous site, hopefully I'll get to blog more often, but being a dad, having a full time job, develop my game and also get to have a life... leaves too little time left.